Corcovado Park

A beautiful excursion to discover all the wildlife of Costa Rica and near from Zancudo !

Its position is a few kilometers from Puerto Jimenez and 45 minutes by boat from Zancudo

Corcovado National Park covers 44 hectares of land in the Osa Pensinsula and is the last rain forest on the pacific coast of Central America. Technically known as a tropical wet forest, this forest has 13 distinct ecosystems and is home to 500 species of trees.

These habitats range from mangrove swamps to rain and cloud forest.

Corcovado National Park has an abundance of wildlife and includes the largest population of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica.

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Other wildlife viewing possibilities in Corcovado include: monkeys, turtles, agoutis, sloths, bats, crocodiles, tapirs, skunks, peccaries, anteaters, jaguars,ocelots, numerous bird species…

It is estimated that there are approximately 200 jaguars in Costa Rica and these are believed to live in Corcovado. There are also 300 species of birds in Corcovado National Park including toucans, hummingbirds, trogons, wrens, eagles, macaws.
Although it is not as easy to travel to Corcovado National Park because of accessibility issues as to other parks in Costa Rica, it is worth the effort. The easiest access to this area is via boat. This is also the least expensive option.

After 45 minutes by boat, our guide will pick up you from the Puerto Jimenez dock and will show you your cabina. After a night in Puerto Jimenez. you will take a taxi at 5:00 am with the guide and go to the Corcovado Park.

You will walk around 7 hours in the Corcovado Park watching an amazing number of species !

What to bring : agua, solar protector, repelent, camera, hat.


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