Welcome to Zancudo beach !

Have fun in Zancudo !

Originally settled by boat builders, Zancudo was then populated by pig farmers, who found plenty of food for their stock in the many bananas that would wash up on shore during the area’s banana company days. As banana plantations turned to palm oil farms, Zancudo became a popular vacation spot for Costa Ricans.

Now the Zancudo community of  around 400 Costa ricans ( los ticos) and every day more foreigners from United State, Canada and Europe.

Zancudo is a safe and very quiet beach but you can be over-booked with all the activities you can do !

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Zancudo offers a lot of places to taste the local gastronomy like fried fish, shrimps, tuna,…you will have the choice of the ambient too: romantic, familiar, younger,…and after dinner you can go and have some beer in a cantina and after the cantina go to dance !!!!

We created Zancudo fun activities to give you all the information you need to visit and enjoy this beautiful village.

We are at your disposal for more details or for booking services and excursions !

Have fun in Zancudo !


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